How you drive your Lexus SUV dramatically impacts how well it performs and how long parts last. Make sure you’re not making these common mistakes, then visit Keyes Lexus and get a Lexus service checkup today!

Slamming on the Brakes

The brakes on your new Lexus SUV are finely calibrated to bring you to a stop while limiting wear and tear on brake parts. Every time you slam on the brakes, you force these parts to sacrifice durability for stopping power, which can quickly wear out your brake pads. Even “riding the brakes” by resting your foot on the pedal can harm your brakes’ longevity.

Driving on a Near-Empty Tank

Drivers tend to have their own idiosyncrasies regarding when and how much to fill up the gas tank, but keeping it near empty is a bad idea. Beyond the risk of running out of fuel, gasoline acts as a coolant in your powertrain, so running at low levels can contribute to overheating. Low gas levels can damage fuel system components like your fuel pump, so stay safely filled up for better performance and fewer repairs.

Ignoring Warning Lights

An illuminated warning light like the Check Engine light is always inconvenient, but some drivers take it as only a suggestion. Minor malfunctions can trigger dashboard warning lights, but that’s no reason to put off coming in for Lexus service. Driving with an issue may lead to a major breakdown and costly repair down the road.

Get Lexus Service at Keyes Lexus

Bad driving habits can increase wear and shorten parts’ lifespan, but coming in for regular Lexus service can get you back on track. Bring your SUV into Keyes Lexus and have our team perform a complete tune-up today!