The Lexus IS at Keyes Lexus gets an expected mid-cycle refresh this year, and it looks like the design team at Lexus had a bit more fun than usual this time out. In addition to a completely re-styled front and rear fascia, we’re seeing some unusual limited editions that underscore how unique the 2017 Lexus IS is. One limited edition, reported on by Motor Trend but not due at your Lexus dealership serving Los Angeles, really takes the cake.

Last week, we took note of a spicy Sriracha-themed 2017 Lexus IS. This week, we’re seeing lights. Lots of them. A collaboration between Lexus and video company Vevo undertaken for a music video by up-and-coming pop star Dua Lipa plasters nearly every available inch of sheet metal in LED lights. That would be impressive enough — it’s nearly 42,000 lights, a half mile of LEDs each applied by hand  — but that pales compared to what comes next.

The car, which has been dubbed the Lexus LIT IS, goes a step further. Those LEDs can be programmed to display custom colors and patterns. They can also be instructed to respond to audio and gesture inputs. What results is a kaleidoscopic display of color unlike anything you’ve seen before. The car features prominently in the video for Lipa’s hit single “Be the One,” but you’ll have to enjoy it from a distance. This is one special edition that won’t see daylight (or nighttime) near Los Angeles.

We’re happy to see a Lexus car with a sense of fun. We’re even happier when the company finds a way to literally highlight how innovative they are. While the limited-edition Lexus cars we’ve seen lately won’t make their way to Keyes Lexus, that’s okay. After all, the 2017 Lexus IS promises to be quite impressive in its own right, no hot sauce or light show necessary. Come to our showroom at 5905 Van Nuys Blvd. in Van Nuys, CA to find out more or to schedule a test drive today!