Lexus cars are built to the highest manufacturing standards, but any vehicle can break down if you don’t take regular care of it. Follow these tips and bring your car in for regular maintenance to avoid costly Lexus repairs and ensure you avoid a major breakdown.

Transmission Care

Keeping your transmission running well is essential to efficiently distributing power to your car’s driveline. Check your transmission fluid along with other fluids, like coolant and engine oil, and make sure to get all scheduled maintenance. If your car has a transmission filter and it’s accessible, don’t forget to change it out regularly as part of your regular maintenance.

Head Gasket Issues

If you neglect your gaskets, your car may start overheating, and you will start smelling coolant—but by then, the damage has already started. Check your coolant levels regularly and pay attention to the quality of the coolant. Any time your engine overheats, you have a chance of cracking your head gasket and causing a major breakdown.

Camshaft and Timing Belt

The timing belt and camshaft work together to regulate the opening and closing of valves in your engine, so if something goes wrong, your entire engine can stop working. Have your mechanic check your timing belt as part of your regular inspection and replace it when necessary. To keep your camshaft running well, make sure you keep up with regular oil changes.

Get Lexus Service at Keyes Lexus

Even the most reliable car will break down if you don’t keep up with regular maintenance and follow common sense steps like checking your oil, maintaining tire pressure, and heeding warning lights. Bring your vehicle to Keyes Lexus and have our expert maintenance team perform a check-up today to prevent a costly breakdown down the road.