When you visit us here at Keyes Lexus, you’ll notice that a lot of care has gone into the design of the new Lexus models on our lot. These luxury cars are distinctive and built to stand out in any crowd. However, sometimes it can surprise even us when we learn what kind of work has gone into our favorite vehicles. For example, Lexus researchers spent more than a decade to develop one distinctive paint color.

This paint color, known as “Structural Blue,” took 15 years to complete. It was a collaboration between the Lexus brand and two other companies. Now it’s available on the new Lexus LC coupe, but you might be wondering what made it so difficult to create in the first place. This color is inspired by a butterfly, but to properly emulate it the Lexus brand really needed to pull out all the stops.

To make a color that seems to constantly change along with the light, Structural Blue paint needs to use nano-structures within the paint itself. These tiny flakes make the car iridescent and allow it to reflect more light. Some regular paint jobs will only reflect around 50 percent of the light that hits it. This special paint can reflect almost all of it.

The paint is so complicated that only two Structural Blue cars can be manufactured per day. It requires more than three dozen separate layers of paint to create this shade every time. When you think about the amount of work going into this one particular paint job, you know that an incredible amount of effort has gone into the vehicles on our lot.

When you’re shopping for a luxury car that’s been impeccably designed at every level, make our Lexus dealership near Los Angeles your first stop. We’ll make it easy to find the luxury vehicle of your dreams. We look forward to meeting you!