If there’s one thing a Lexus car knows about living in L.A, it’s that everything is pretty hot right about now. And at Keyes Lexus, we do all we can to make sure that our vehicles are running at the rigorous Lexus standards of excellence. So today, we want to share our tips for keeping your vehicle as safe from the sun as possible, so your Lexus can keep you cool for years to come.

You can usually start with a sun shield to protect your car from the heat. This accessory fits in a vehicle by the windshield of a 2019 Lexus IS with a reflective material facing outward. This keeps the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun out of your vehicle’s cabin, reducing the amount of heat that builds up in your Lexus. Keeping the sun out of the interior of your vehicle also has another benefit – the lush leather interiors of your premium Lexus vehicle are protected from early wear and tear and fading. Of course, if you can find an underground parking structure or a shady place to park your car, that’s even better – why sit in the sun and bake when you can avoid the oven altogether?

Being proactive is the best way to prepare for summer weather. In the short term, you can try purchasing a remote-started Lexus that gets a head start cooling off the interior before you step inside. But in the long term, nothing beats regular, scheduled maintenance appointments to our Van Nuys, CA Lexus Service Center. Our team of dedicated Lexus mechanical professionals can keep your air conditioner in top condition, so when the heat starts back up again, you’ll be ready.