If you’re getting ready to take a vacation, why not pick out a new luxury vehicle that’s perfect for weekend getaways, long road trips and anything else you can think of? When you visit Keyes Lexus, you’ll find plenty of Lexus cars that fit the bill, and we can help you figure out which model works best for you and your family.  

2022 Lexus RX 

One of our favorite models for vacations might be the 2022 Lexus RX. This crossover offers plenty of tech and safety features, making it an ideal family car. It’s a good size, offering plenty of cargo room that you will appreciate on road trips. You can also add a third row, in case you need more space for people.  

The 2022 Lexus RX is also available as a hybrid, so you can reduce how much you’re spending on gasoline on long road trips.  

Other Lexus Crossovers 

Other Lexus SUVs and crossovers are also great for vacations. The 2022 Lexus UX and 2022 Lexus NX are a bit smaller than the 2022 Lexus RX, but they still offer plenty of space and lots of driving thrills. They’re also available as hybrids, in case fuel efficiency is one of your top priorities.  

Lexus Sedans 

There are also plenty of great Lexus sedans to choose from. If you don’t have a big family or you don’t need the extra space offered by a crossover or SUV, these models are great for vacations as well. The 2022 Lexus ES and 2022 Lexus LS are both great options, and they’re available as fuel-saving hybrids.  

So if you’re getting ready for a vacation and you’re in the market for a new luxury car, make our Lexus dealership near Los Angeles your first stop. We’ll help you get behind the wheel of a new car that’s just as ready for rest and relaxation as you are!