If you’ve been looking for new Lexus tires, you may be overwhelmed by their complex codes. Since this is a common question, Keyes Lexus is taking a moment to explain. If you’re still unsure, ask a technician or member of our parts team the next time you order!

Dimensional Statistics

Let’s use the 2024 Lexus ES350 as an example. It takes P215/55R17 tires. The first group of symbols is like a secret code that tells you its type and dimensions. The P means it is a passenger vehicle tire; other vehicles may have an LT for light truck tires or ST for special trailer tires. The number before the slash is the width of the tire from side to side in millimeters, and the number after the slash shows the width of the sidewall as a percentage.

The second letter, found right after the width, tells you the internal construction of the tire. Most modern tires will say R for a radial design (as opposed to D, for bias-constructed tires). The next number is the diameter of the wheel when measured across the beat seat areas. Unlike the width listed earlier, this is measured in inches.

Load Index and Speed Rating

A second alphanumeric code following the one above represents your tires’ maximum weight and speed ratings. While the number represents the load index or weight limit, and the letter represents the speed index, they do not directly translate to weight or speed. A Load Index and Speed Rating chart will explain your tires’ ratings; since you probably don’t have one handy, ask a Lexus technician.

Get Your Tires Replaced at Keyes Lexus

Whether you’ve started experiencing handling issues or have just gotten behind on your maintenance, it’s an excellent time to get your Lexus tires inspected. Bring your car to Keyes Lexus and have our expert team take a look at them today!