It’s our tagline. “Experience Amazing.” And every day at Keyes Lexus we strive to ensure that our customers, whether walking in for the first time or getting their 800th oil change, feel as special as when they first walked in. So today, we want to share our way to expand the Lexus experience with you all – by exhibiting some truly special Lexus-branded accessories. They’re the perfect touch for your new or pre-owned Lexus model, and we have an entire Lexus parts catalog dedicated to showcasing them. Here are but a few.

With Van Nuys, CA and the entire Los Angeles area in the midst of summer, we’re bound to get some dust and mud and other grime on our shoes no matter how hard we try. That’s why thankfully the Lexus All-Weather Floor Mats are designed to handle that and so much more. Molded from a durable thermoplastic elastomer and given deep, deep ridges to wick away water, sand, dust, mud, and a host of other unmentionables, these mats will provide you with protection that can only come from Lexus.

And if you’re wanting to show off every time you get out of your car but also protect it at the same time, these illuminated door sills should do the trick. With a scratch and damage-resistant stainless steel construction, these protect your Lexus’s door sills from scuffs and other realities of getting in a vehicle. When you open the door, the Lexus logo in the center lights up with the help of several LED lights, providing another touch of elegance to the interior of your 2019 Lexus IS, or whichever Lexus you have.

There are so many more ways to make your Lexus truly your own at our Glendale-area Lexus dealership. Stop in today for amazing deals on a new or pre-owned Lexus car, and discover our accessories section for even more ways to customize your new ride.