If you are on the search for a Lexus plug-in hybrid vehicle, our team at Keyes Lexus can’t wait to match you with the perfect alternative energy vehicle for all your driving needs. Learn the ins and outs of plug-in hybrid vehicle technology and ownership at our dealership today.

Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles at a Glance

You have three main options for alternative energy vehicles: hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric. Here’s a look at how plug-in hybrid cars work and what sets them apart from your other options.

Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Technology

Plug-in hybrid vehicles fall between hybrid and electric cars, which means they have features from both. Hybrid vehicles combine gas engines with electric motors; their battery packs are smaller than EV batteries, and their electric range is limited. Electric vehicles don’t use gas engines, powering their electric motors only through a much larger battery pack.

A plug-in hybrid model uses a larger battery configuration. Because its all-electric range is longer, it significantly improves fuel economy and reduces your environmental impact when compared to a traditional hybrid.

Charging at a Glance

Hybrid vehicles have smaller batteries, which means they can charge from the engine or regenerative braking while on the go. By contrast, plug-in hybrid vehicles have much larger batteries, which means a greater reliance on electric power and a reduced need for fuel.

Those larger batteries need outside power sources, however. When it comes to plug-in hybrid vehicles, that means either Level 1 or Level 2 charging. Unlike EVs, PHEVs cannot use Level 3 DC Fast charging due to the higher voltage involved.

Keyes Lexus makes it easy to transition to alternative energy vehicles, like plug-in hybrid vehicles. Learn more about how plug-in hybrid models work and how they can work for you at our Lexus dealership near Glendale today.