If you haven’t had an all-wheel drive vehicle before, you might have questions regarding its upkeep. Fortunately, our Lexus service department has all of the answers you need. There are a few things to keep note of, however. Make sure to see how your service needs differ with this short list.

Tire Rotation

Tires on the wheels that power your vehicle often wear down faster. For instance, in front-wheel drive cars, the front two tires wear down more than the rear ones. That’s why you need regular tire rotations to keep this wear and tear spread evenly. You’d think an AWD vehicle doesn’t need this. But it does. Routine tire rotations are just as crucial for AWD cars and trucks.

Replacing Your Tires

Once worn down too far, tires need replacement. AWD Lexus vehicles require replacing all four tires when one is beyond the point of keeping. This is different from a front or rear-wheel drive car, which often just needs two tires replaced at a time. Our Lexus parts department can help here.


All-wheel drive vehicles need more care regarding their mechanics, specifically differentials. Since power goes to both sets of tires, they require more differentials to operate. This means more parts that can need repairs. It also means you’ll have to keep their fluid levels topped off more.

Service Your Lexus AWD Vehicle Today

Whether you need new tires, a rotation, or just have questions, the best thing to do is to come down to our Van Nuys Lexus dealership and schedule a service appointment today. We’ll make sure your car gets all it needs. We look forward to helping you!