If you’ve been driving one of our Lexus cars for a while, you probably want to make sure that it keeps delivering a great driving experience even as it ages. At Keyes Lexus, we can help you take care of your luxury vehicle, and we’ll answer any questions you have about caring for a car as it gets older.  

At our dealership, we’re often asked about oil changes and how important they really are. If the reading on your car’s odometer keeps climbing, do you need to change its oil more frequently? Here’s what you need to know.  

Does My Car Need Frequent Oil Changes?

As cars age, certain seals and parts can loosen. This can result in an older car with higher mileage needing fresh oil earlier than expected. Signs that you may need to start changing your oil more often include:  

  • Oil stains where your car was parked 
  • Loud engine noises 
  • Oil streaks on parts under the hood 
  • Odometer reading of more than 75,000 miles

Any of these things could be signs that more frequent trips to our Lexus service center are in order. 

Things to Keep in Mind 

You don’t want to start changing your oil more often without a clear purpose. Arrange for our mechanics to evaluate your vehicle to see if more frequent oil changes should be a part of its maintenance schedule. You might also be able to use high-mileage oil, which could allow you to go longer between oil changes.  

If you’re in need of an oil change or any other kind of maintenance, visit our Lexus dealership near Los Angeles. Our skilled mechanics are ready to assist you, whether your vehicle is brand new or you’ve been driving it around for 200,000 miles. We’ll make sure that your luxury car stays in top shape for years to come!