Routine maintenance keeps your car healthy in a few key ways. Regular trips to the Lexus service center can even help your car run more efficiently, which means less money spent on gasoline.

Here’s why drivers who are concerned about high gas prices should make visits to Keyes Lexus a regular occurrence.  

Oil Changes Make a Big Difference 

When you put fresh oil in your car, you’re making the engine’s job easier. That new oil protects it and all its parts from heat and friction, allowing it to operate at peak performance levels.  

If you skip an oil change, that old oil starts to become more of a sludge. This doesn’t lubricate the engine as well, causing it to work harder than normal. This can lead to reduced fuel efficiency.

Even worse, bad maintenance habits can make engine damage more likely! If you want to save on gasoline and car maintenance costs, don’t delay your oil changes.  

Filters Can Wear Out 

Your engine also runs efficiently thanks to the work of two filters, the engine air filter and engine oil filter. These Lexus parts wear out over time though, and eventually will start to struggle to do their important jobs.

We’ll replace your filters when needed so that your car keeps running as efficiently as possible.  

Neglecting Your Tires Can Cost You 

Your tires can have a surprising effect on your fuel economy numbers. Under-inflated tires can end up reducing your gas mileage, for example. Keep a tire pressure gauge on hand and check your tires to make sure that they are properly inflated, and schedule an appointment at our service center if you suspect a leak or another issue. Your wallet will thank you.  

If you’re in need of new parts or luxury car maintenance, visit our Lexus dealership in Van Nuys. Our factory-trained technicians will make it easy to keep your vehicle in top shape!