Here at Keyes Lexus, we make it easy to buy new Lexus models, but that’s not all. We’re the Lexus team you can rely on for every stage of vehicle ownership, from the first test drive to the next service appointment. And we’re excited to share all you need to know about caring for your vehicle, like detailing tips and tricks.

Lexus Detailing at a Glance

Detailing brings a vehicle back to like-new condition through careful cleaning and restoration. It goes much deeper than surface level to get into your car’s many crevices and cracks. Here are a few ways you can detail your favorite Lexus car at home.

Remove Items

When cleaning and detailing your vehicle, many small spaces can be challenging to reach. When possible, remove loose items, like caps and covers, to access those spots and get the deep clean your vehicle deserves. We also suggest removing larger items like floor mats and washing them outside the car.

Work your Way Down

When you clean the outside of your vehicle, it’s recommended to start at the roof and work your way to the tires. The same is true for the interior of your car. Detailing can kick up dust and grime, so starting high and working your way down prevents cleaning surfaces twice.

Use the Right Supplies

You always want to ensure you’re using the right tools and supplies from our Lexus parts department for the job. Car cleaners won’t just help to restore your vehicle’s shine, but they’ll also protect the surface of essential parts so they don’t wear down prematurely.

Move the Seats

You’ll be surprised at how much dirt and grime collects under the seats from everyday use. Make sure to move the seats or remove them, if possible, to vacuum up leaves and dirt and to remove any debris you might find.

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