Even in California, scheduling a Lexus service visit before the winter hits is a bright idea. It helps you ensure that your vehicle is prepped for the cooler months and ready for unexpected weather patterns. Learn why winterizing is an essential Lexus service in California, courtesy of the Keyes Lexus experts.

Is Winterizing Necessary in California?

You don’t normally associate California with winter weather, as snow and freezing temperatures are far less common. However, just because it isn’t regular doesn’t mean winter weather is impossible. You want to be prepared for the worst, which is why winterizing is worthwhile.

In addition, winterizing service includes several standard procedures and tasks that keep your vehicle running smoothly regardless of the season or weather. That means that even if the winter weather remains balmy, winterizing is still beneficial to the car.

What Does Winterizing Entail?

There are several services included in a winterizing treatment, some of which are advantageous even in a temperate climate like California. Essential winterizing service for your Lexus vehicle includes:

  • Tire pressure monitoring: Cooler weather often decreases your tire pressure, decreasing fuel efficiency and increasing tire wear. That’s why monitoring your air pressure is critical in the winter.
  • Heating and air conditioning: It pays to look at the car’s HVAC system even if you’re expecting a warm winter. It will keep you comfortable on cooler days or those outliers when temperatures are unseasonably warm.
  • Antifreeze: We’ll check your antifreeze levels to ensure your engine runs smoothly and address any leaks.

Book a Lexus Service Appointment in Van Nuys, CA

Don’t assume your vehicle’s current condition and level of preparedness; make sure you’re ready for the winter at Keyes Lexus. Schedule a Lexus service visit today to prepare your car for the cooler months.