Have you visited Keyes Lexus to prepare your vehicle for autumn yet? Fall is almost upon us, and drivers need to ensure their Lexus vehicle is ready for the season. Consider these five fall driving safety tips at Keyes Lexus.

School Zones and Kids

Now that kids are back in school, you must slow down and frequently stop around school zones. Ensure that your brakes are working correctly to keep pedestrians safe.

Wet Roads

Autumn is often a rainy season, making the roads wet and slippery. Fallen leaves can also contribute to slicker roads.

You should check your tires for any wear and tear. Specifically, examine the tire treads to see if they can grip the road properly. If necessary, you’ll want to replace them with all-season tires.


Night arrives earlier during the fall, especially after Daylight Saving Time hits. That’s why you should check your vehicle’s lights to maintain visibility in the darkness. This includes headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals.

Frost and Fog

As the air gets cooler, your Lexus vehicle is more susceptible to condensation accumulating on the windows. Take a look at your car’s defroster and HVAC system. If it’s not heating quickly (or at all), bring your vehicle in for service immediately.


Many animals wander onto the roads in autumn, especially during grazing and mating seasons. That’s another reason why brakes and lights should be examined before autumn. You must be able to see and slow down for animals on the road.

Schedule Fall Auto Service in Van Nuys, CA

Get your Lexus car prepared for autumn by bringing it in for service. Visit Keyes Lexus today for essential Lexus repairs, or ask us about our fall service specials.