Some of the most straightforward car care items can also be some of the most confusing. Take motor oil, for example; there are multiple types and grades available, and you may not be sure which your Lexus model needs. Visiting a dealership like Keyes Lexus ensures the correct oil from our Lexus parts department and trustworthy advice like the guide below.

Motor Oil Weights

Rather than a number on a scale, motor oil weight is a measure of viscosity. The reason oil weights have two numbers, like 5W-30, has to do with temperature.

The “W” means winter. So, the 5W is that oil’s viscosity grade of 5 in cold temperatures, and 30 is its high-temperature viscosity.

Motor Oil Types

Two main types of oil can be blended to make a third: mineral motor oil, synthetic motor oil, and synthetic blend motor oil. The main difference is that mineral, or conventional, oil has a lower viscosity making it less stable at high temperatures. Synthetic oils and blends last longer because they are more stable at all temperatures.

Lexus Motor Oils

Lexus vehicles primarily use one of two types of motor oils. Most new Lexus models use SAE 0W-20. Older models may use 5W-30. If you aren’t sure which is best suited to your vehicle, ask us – we’re here to ensure that your car gets precisely what it needs.

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