You purchased or leased a Lexus vehicle with high expectations, not least for its performance. If it isn’t performing as it should, it’s essential to schedule a Lexus service visit as soon as possible. As Keyes Lexus explains, this is especially important if your car or SUV enters what’s known as “limp mode.” Let’s take a closer look.

What Is Limp Mode?

Modern vehicles use sensors connected to a computer that continually monitors powertrain performance. If the computer detects an issue, it will typically alert you via a dashboard warning light. However, if the problem is especially severe, it may enter limp mode to prevent engine or transmission damage.

How Do I Know if My Car is in Limp Mode?

When you’re in limp mode, you’ll notice the vehicle handling differently than you’re used to. Its maximum speed will be reduced, and non-essential features like the air conditioning and heating system will shut off completely.

Can I Drive My Car in Limp Mode?

You should only drive your vehicle in limp mode for as long as it takes to get to the nearest safe place, be that home, a well-lit area away from traffic, or the nearest Lexus service center. Schedule service immediately; our technicians will look at your vehicle and determine what problems caused you to enter limp mode.

Driving in limp mode for long periods is not advised, as it can be dangerous for you and your vehicle. If it’s an option, you should avoid strenuous driving on highways and in heavily populated areas. Likewise, you should not try to bypass or defeat limp mode because this will only mask and potentially exacerbate serious mechanical issues.

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