Maintaining your brakes is a vital part of your Lexus service checklist, especially if you have a regenerative braking system. Modern electric and hybrid vehicles include regenerative braking so you can recoup electric power as you drive, and it’s essential to keep it working correctly. Keyes Lexus explains how maintenance differs for regenerative braking systems for your education and safety.

Routine Brake Maintenance

As with any braking system, several brake parts must be maintained for proper vehicle operation. Checking your brake pedal, calipers, rotors, and pads ensures you can always brake safely. For cars with regenerative braking systems installed, keeping your brakes in good condition lets you recuperate power optimally.

Regenerative Energy Circuit

The primary component of the regenerative braking system is the energy circuit, which is responsible for capturing the kinetic energy generated during braking and converting it into electrical power. This electrical power is then delivered to your battery, adding additional charge. You can activate this whether you’re currently in an all-electric drive mode, driving a hybrid, or even if you’re not using electric power to move the vehicle.

Electronic Braking Systems

Modern braking systems, including regenerative braking, feature sophisticated electronics to administer or transfer braking power or friction. Your regenerative braking system requires electrical signals to determine how much energy can be recovered. That’s why you should check your electronic system every so often to ensure no problems exist.

Schedule Lexus Service for Brakes in Van Nuys, CA

Brake service is vital no matter what or how you drive. So whether your vehicle has regenerative brakes or you’ve noticed a problem with your conventional braking system, a Lexus service visit is in order. Contact Keyes Lexus today to schedule maintenance and keep your vehicle running smoothly.