We have an impressive selection of 2019 Lexus SUV models like the Lexus UX, and some new 2020 models at our Van Nuys, CA, Lexus dealership. While it’s exciting to make a new car purchase, don’t forget that we’re here to extend that new-car feel with top-notch maintenance and service. 

Why Are Oil Changes Important?

Oil changes are one of the most important routine services for your vehicle. The exact frequency will vary depending on the age and type of vehicle, but the general advice is to schedule this procedure every three months or so if you use conventional oil. If your vehicle runs on synthetic oil, you can extend the time between service visits — every six months or so.

Our Lexus service experts can give you the best service schedule for your vehicle when you stop by for your next appointment. One thing that remains the same across makes and models is the benefit of this procedure. Oil is critical to keeping your engine components properly cooled and lubricated. Replacing old oil with new oil helps rid your vehicle of any potential build-up that can accumulate. Neglecting this essential refresh can create more serious problems like overheating, decreased fuel economy, and even a faulty engine.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change

If you fall behind in service visits, you can keep an eye out for telltale signs that you need an oil change. You may see a warning light on your dashboard or more alarming symptoms such as burning smells or loud engine noises.  

Rather than wait for any of these red flags to appear, do yourself a favor and schedule your next oil change at our Lexus service center. Use our convenient online scheduling tool to request a convenient time and we’ll take care of the rest.