If you’ve shopped for a 2019 Lexus SUV or car lately, you’ve probably noticed that there are more green options available than ever. Our selection of hybrid models has been expanding for a while here at Keyes Lexus, and we’re excited to see that the Lexus brand has even more plans for their lineup of green cars.

First up, the Lexus brand continued to experiment with new colors for its Lexus LC luxury coupe. This time its designers came up with a shade known as “Space Orange.” This striking color makes the Lexus LC 500h stand out from the crowd. This hybrid offers sports car performance mixed with green car technology, with an output of more than 350 horsepower and a top speed of a 155 miles per hour.

Right now the Space Orange version is simply called the “Matte Prototype” Concept, but that could change. After all, the Lexus brand brought the Lexus LC 500h Yellow Edition and Lexus LC 500 Structural Blue Edition to the market after showing their new exterior colors off on concepts. Definitely keep an eye on this blog for the latest news about our hybrid sports cars.

The Lexus brand also recently confirmed plans for its first electric car ever. Right now you can find many of your favorite new Lexus models in a hybrid version, all of which use a combination of electric power and gasoline. This would be the first Lexus car to be powered solely by a battery and electric motor. It’s due for release in the European market soon, and we can’t wait to see what’s in the works for the United States.

Whether you’re looking for luxury or you’re looking for a green car, we’ll help you get the best of both worlds. Visit our Lexus dealership near Beverly Hills and find your dream car today. We hope to see you soon for a test drive!