When you have questions about your new Lexus vehicle, including its technology or its numerous advanced safety features, Keyes Lexus has answers. The standard Lexus Safety System+® 3.0 suite is one of the most advanced in the industry. Let’s take a look at some of its core features.

Pre-Collision Features

One of the most fundamental parts of Lexus Safety System+® 3.0 is its pre-collision system. This helps you avoid oncoming collisions with smart braking and alerts, including pedestrian detection and available intersection support. It also provides steering support if you need to swerve out of the way of a vehicle.

Lane Detection and Assistance

You can easily stay in your lane inside your Lexus model, with available Lane Tracing Assist™ automatically monitoring visible lane markers and detecting vehicles ahead of you. This technology keeps you centered in the lane with steering support on compatible roads and highways. You’ll also get alerted whenever you start to drift from your lane with the standard Lane Departure Alert™, with steering assist keeping you out of dangerous situations.

Intelligent High Beams™ and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control™

The standard Intelligent High Beams™ feature automatically switches off high beams if the vehicle detects an oncoming vehicle, keeping both you and other drivers safe. It will then turn the high beams back on when it’s safe to do so. You can also apply two Dynamic Radar Cruise Control™ profiles for acceleration and speed management support.

Learn About Safety Features at Our Van Nuys Lexus Dealer

Safety is vital for any driver, and our Van Nuys Lexus dealer can help you understand every available safety and driver assistance technology. Contact Keyes Lexus today to learn more about the Lexus Safety System+® 3.0 suite.