Your Lexus vehicle is an important investment. Part of ensuring the quality of this asset is observing a regular maintenance schedule. Keyes Lexus is happy to be the automotive partner to discerning drivers in and around Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, CA. You want only high-quality parts for your Lexus vehicle, and our Lexus parts center can provide them.

If tires are on your shopping list, don’t settle for anything but the best.

Signs It’s Time for New tires

Your vehicle’s tires perform a critical role. They help keep your car moving and take on heavy wear and tear from the weather and road conditions. While tires generally last between three to four years, that’s not necessarily a rule. Age, weather, and driving conditions and habits all impact how fast tires age. 

There are a few signs you can be mindful of as a driver that indicate your tires may be on their last legs. The penny test is a reliable way to test the tread on your tires. If you insert a penny and President Lincoln’s head is obscured in any way, you’re good to go. If not, then your tire’s tread is too shallow.

In addition to uneven tread wear, issues with tire pressure, visible signs of damage, vibration sounds, or a rough driving experience can all signal that you need to swap your tires for a new pair.

Buy Tires in Van Nuys

We happily help our customers with Lexus parts and accessories recommendations and orders. And that extends to tires. If you visit our online tire center, you can browse our options and find a pair that complements the quality of your vehicle. 

Our technicians are also happy to provide a personalized recommendation. Trust our dealership for premium Lexus service near Los Angeles and first-rate replacement parts.