Looking for a new 2019 Lexus car? Let the friendly professionals at Keyes Lexus help match you with your perfect vehicle. Once you’ve found the ideal model, our Lexus dealership near Glendale is also here to help you maintain it long after you leave the lot. Our technicians are always a phone call or a quick drive away. They’re on hand with answers and advice like these tips for safeguarding yourself against common road hazards in the Los Angeles area. 

Busy Traffic Conditions

Stop-and-go traffic is just a regular part of LA life. But these traffic patterns also create hazards for everyone on the road. Though it may be tempting to ride closely and zip in and out of lanes, it’s better to maintain a healthy distance in the busiest conditions. You’ll do yourself a favor by allowing yourself more reaction time against sudden lane changes and stops. 

Construction Areas

Construction on roads and highways often require lane changes and slower speeds. When you encounter these areas on highways with heavy traffic, do your best to slow down promptly, safely change lanes as directed, and be considerate of workers on foot.

Road Debris

Traveling at fast highway speeds and colliding into road debris is never a welcome surprise. Stay vigilant and aware of items in the road. If you notice an object in front of your vehicle, exercise caution by changing lanes and putting distance between yourself and whatever you see.

Light and Heavy Rain

Rain can be an inconvenience when it comes to getting to your destination, but it can also be deadly. Research indicates that even light rain can cause car fatalities, and heavier rain corresponds with an even higher risk of deadly car crashes. Slow down, add extra distance between your car and the preceding car, and use your headlights wisely to reduce rain-related dangers. 

If this list has you inspired to purchase new Lexus parts or get an oil change or vehicle check-up, give our parts and service teams a call. We’ll help you prep your vehicle for safe driving.