At Keyes Lexus, we won’t just help you find the luxury car of your dreams. We’ll also help you take great care of a vehicle like the 2018 Lexus IS so that it serves you well in the years to come. Whether you have a major problem or just need some routine maintenance, you should pay a visit to our service center before the summer driving season really begins.

The Los Angeles heat can always be tough on your car, but you definitely want to take great care of it during the summer months. That’s especially true if you plan to take some lengthy road trips. The start of a new season could be a great time to get your oil changed. Swapping out your oil filter and engine air filter can keep your engine healthier and ensure that you’re not damaging it on a longer journey. We can also check up on your air conditioning system. You’ll definitely want a functional A/C unit that keeps you cool all summer long.

You should also remember that the hot weather can affect fluid levels in your vehicle. You need coolant, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid, so the experts at our Lexus service center can make sure that your vehicle is operating at peak performance. Did you know that there’s fluid in your battery as well? The hot weather can cause it to evaporate, but we’ll check your battery too. With our help, you won’t be stuck with a car that won’t start in the hot summer weather.

So before you take that summer road trip, visit our Lexus service center near Beverly Hills. Our mechanics are ready to lend you their expertise so that you can hit the road this season. We hope to see you soon!