Here at Keyes Lexus, we’re always excited to learn more about a new Lexus vehicle that’s in the works. As time goes on, our favorite luxury vehicles evolve and change. One model that’s going to experience some big changes is the Lexus IS. The next-generation edition of this stylish sedan is almost ready for its debut, and we think that you’ll find a lot to like about this distinctive model.

A number of artists were recently given a preview of the next-generation Lexus IS. What they learned is that the exterior isn’t just getting a minor update. This luxury vehicle is going to be almost unrecognizable compared to the current model.

From what we know so far, the front grille has been overhauled. The spindle grille has been retained, but it’s much larger than before and has a new mesh design. The headlights have also been redesigned, giving the Lexus IS a more dynamic look. When you see the Lexus IS from behind, you’ll notice that the taillights have also been redesigned. The model also comes equipped with a new extended bumper, dual exhaust tips, new reflectors, and a bulging decklid.

Overall, the exterior of the Lexus IS has been redesigned to help the car stand out more. This makes sense, since the current Lexus IS isn’t actually a top seller. Hopefully, this next-generation version gets the attention it deserves! We look forward to seeing the new Lexus IS for ourselves.

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