When buying a car, you have several options. Do you want to lease one? Buy one? Finally, do you want to trade in your old vehicle to lower your payments on the new one? This last question is what we’re here to answer. Here are three ways to improve your car trade-in value before you strike a deal.

1.     Make Sure It Runs in Perfect Shape

The first and most important way to maximize your trade-in value is to ensure it runs well, including any maintenance or repairs inside and out. Whether you need replacement lights or have a few dents and scrapes to get out, now’s the time. These can significantly affect trade-in value.

2.     Clean Thoroughly

This may seem insignificant, but curb appeal is definitely a factor. Take the time to wash and thoroughly clean your car. Clean your carpets, wipe down soft-touch surfaces, and wash the vehicle exterior. Even a light cleaning can go a long way.

3.     Check Your Car’s Going Rate

Before you head into the dealership, check the market rate for your vehicle year, model, and trim. Our trade-in value tool can be cross-referenced with other online sources to get a current sale value for your car. Keep in mind that every vehicle is different. You shouldn’t expect an exact price match. But it can help you understand the ballpark figure you’re looking at.

Time to Trade Your Car In

Come down to our Lexus dealership near Glendale when you feel you’ve done the work to get your trade-in ready. Here, our service department can help with any last repairs you need, and our finance center can help with any questions you have. We look forward to seeing you!