Here at Keyes Lexus, we know that drivers don’t want a hassle when they’re shopping for a car. Some parts of the process, like trading in your current car, can even seem intimidating. How do you know that you’re getting a good deal? How do you prepare your trade-in vehicle? Fortunately, we’ve made trading in your current car as easy as we can.

One way we separate ourselves from other luxury car dealerships is by making it easy to value your trade-in right on our website. Just use your useful online tool and enter in some critical information, like the year, make, and model. In no time, you’ll know just how much your car is worth. Whether you’re buying a brand new car or a pre-owned Lexus model, this can help let you know how much car you can ultimately afford. You’ll know what kind of offer to expect and what portion of your down payment your trade-in can cover.

Once you’ve decided to trade in your car, there are a few steps to take before bringing it into our Lexus dealership. First, make sure you have proof that you own the car. Without a title, we can’t take a trade-in. Then, make sure you also have the documents that came with the car, like the manual. The next driver will need it. Then thoroughly clean out your car to make sure that you’re not leaving anything behind. You don’t want to lose anything valuable during the trade-in process.

So when you’re ready to drive away in a new luxury car, visit our Lexus dealership near Glendale, CA. Our dealers are ready to answer all of your questions and our Lexus financing experts are standing by, ready to help. We look forward to assisting you!