Lexus was the first to introduce a luxury hybrid electric vehicle nearly two decades ago. Since then, it has built an unrivaled lineup of nine distinct Lexus electric car or hybrid-electric vehicle models, signifying its continued leadership in this market. But with all of these introductions of new models and years of development, Lexus engineers have designed several unique features you won’t find anywhere else.

DIRECT4® Drive Control Technology

The most distinctive feature that sets Lexus electric and hybrid vehicles apart from the rest is its DIRECT4® drive control technology. This setup available on certain Lexus vehicles manages power to all four wheels. This can allocate torque where needed and respond to everything from speed to steering input, leaving the driver with complete control and maximizing acceleration and handling.

Hybrids with DIRECT4®

The DIRECT4® system is more than just a way to make fully electric vehicles the complete package. It is also designed to increase the power and responsiveness of hybrid-electric cars. Lexus hybrids with DIRECT4® seamlessly integrate the rear motor’s power alongside the front motor and gasoline-powered engine. This lets the driver get the full benefit of all the car’s power all at once.

e-TNGA Platform

The latest innovation that sets Lexus electric and hybrid vehicles apart is the e-TNGA platform, which features a flat battery allowing for a lighter frame and, therefore, better range. The flat battery is also ideal for maximizing vehicle passenger space and cargo volume.

See These Features in Person

The best way to see how unique these Lexus electric features are is to experience them yourself. The specialists at our Lexus dealership in Van Nuys can walk you through all of these Lexus-exclusive features. Come down and test drive one today!