When registering or buying a car in California, you must have it inspected. There are also other types of inspections that you’ll subject your vehicle to, and Keyes Lexus can help no matter what your reasons for scheduling an inspection are. If you live in the Los Angeles area, finding vehicle inspection near me is easy since our service center covers the different types of inspections.

Safety Inspection

If you buy a new car, it must be inspected to ensure that it can operate safely. Your vehicle also needs to be inspected for safety annually. If parts or systems in your car may fail to keep you safe, you need to have them fixed. Common causes of safety inspection failures include:

  • Worn out brakes
  • Worn or damaged tires
  • Broken or cracked lights
  • Broken or missing mirrors

We can help you fix any safety issues if you fail inspection.

Emissions Inspection

Your car will also need a smog check before renewing its registration. This inspection ensures that your vehicle isn’t creating excess pollution. EVs and select hybrids do not need to pass a smog inspection, but most gas and diesel-powered models do.

Multi-Point Inspection

You can also visit our Lexus service center and get a multi-point inspection. This is when our mechanics examine every part of your vehicle to find potential problems. This is a great way to find minor problems before they become significant issues.

Whether you just bought a car or want to ensure that your vehicle is in top shape, we’re ready to assist you. Visit our Lexus dealership in Van Nuys or schedule your inspection online through our website. We look forward to seeing you!