When you want to improve the look of your Lexus vehicle or clean up some spills, the Appearance Protection Package is for you. It protects against cosmetic damage to your car, with interior and exterior elements covered. Learn more about the Appearance Protection Package and how to take advantage of it at Keyes Lexus.

Interior Damage

One of the significant factors of the Appearance Protection Package is protecting you against spills and cracks in your vehicle’s interior. This includes drink spills, pet stains, food stains, torn leather on the wheel and seats, and a cracked dashboard. Essentially, any accidental spill or damage from external sources is covered under this program.

Exterior Damage

You can also protect yourself from damage to your vehicle’s exterior by protecting against natural damage sources. You can pay for repairs to exterior damage caused by inconveniences like bugs, UV rays, bird droppings, oxidation, rust, and hard water spots. You may be eligible for coverage if your vehicle’s finish, wheels, or metal edges have suffered damage from natural sources.

What Other Benefits Are Available?

When you apply for the Appearance Protection Package, you aren’t just getting protection from these damage sources. You’re also receiving:

  • No out-of-pocket expenses: You won’t have to pay upfront for the costs of these repairs.
  • No per-occurrence limit: You can claim for this type of damage as many times as necessary.
  • Mobile technicians: If you want or need a mobile technician to help you, you can schedule a visit to deal with cosmetic issues remotely.

Learn About the Appearance Protection Package in Van Nuys, CA

If you want to take advantage of the Appearance Protection Package, our dealership can help you get started. Contact Keyes Lexus today to see how you can get covered for cosmetic damage and spills.