On behalf of the Keyes Lexus team, we wish you all a happy holiday season! It’s been another great year, thanks in no small part to our customers, their patronage, and our involvement in the Van Nuys community. Let’s look back at how Keyes Lexus made an impact this year as we all prepare for the holidays.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, as we know that that’s the only way to keep our customers coming back year after year. That’s due to our superb team members keeping our customers happy, assisting them with every question, and recommending specific services and car care tips.

We know that shopping with us means putting your trust in our dealership and employees. That’s why we work to prove that confidence is well-placed by providing fantastic customer service.

Working for a Good Cause

Keyes Lexus is part of the Lithia Auto Group, an organization of dealerships that comes together on philanthropic causes. Part of that is the Lithia4Kids program, which helps provide education and safe places for youth and donates to schools and youth advocacy groups.

All of our customers at Keyes Lexus who purchased or leased a vehicle over the past year helped the Lithia4Kids program, as all sales and purchases provide money towards those causes. We’re happy to help make a difference in our community and abroad to help children affected by unfortunate situations this holiday season.

Schedule Holiday Service at Keyes Lexus

Even as the holiday season is in full effect, our Van Nuys, CA, Lexus dealership is here for you. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you as one year ends and a bright new one begins.