No one can know what their financial future holds. Unexpected expenses pop up, job statuses change, or the baby you planned for a few years in the future may make an early appearance. Since you don’t want to add a repossessed car to your list of financial worries, there are some simple steps you can take if you miss a Lexus lease payment.

Identify the Leaseholder or Financer

While your Lexus dealer helped to set up your lease or loan, your financing is owned and serviced by a financial company. While Keyes Lexus is happy to help where and how we can, your first step should be identifying the finance company.

Check for a Grace Period

Many payments are only missed by a day or two. While you want to avoid making a habit of this, most loans and leases include a grace period that lets you make payments without significant penalties. Go over this deadline, however, and you may find fees adding up rapidly.


Repossession is the last thing anyone wants, you or your financial institution. Instead, you usually have a right to “cure” or reinstate the lease before that even comes up. Options should be discussed with your bank or lessor. These can include an altered payment or a new, more manageable lease payment and terms.


Only you and your financial institution can work out a solution. However, there are options. As noted, a restructured lease or repayment agreement might be on the table. Simply missing one payment doesn’t always result in an automatic repossession. Make sure you review your lease to confirm your options.

How We Can Help

The most important thing going forward is understanding your lease inside and out. Your Lexus dealer serving Los Angeles is here to help. You can always contact our finance specialists if you have any other questions.