If you’ve been turned down for a Lexus lease in the past, it’s not the end of the world. Our dealership can help you reapply for Lexus financing and seek out a better offer, including offering financial advice to improve your credit score. Courtesy of Keyes Lexus, here’s what to do if you’re turned down for a Lexus lease.

Double-Check Your Application

It’s possible that your financing application was rejected because of an error or some false information. If so, contact your financial institution and explain your situation. They should be able to accommodate you, provided you provide proof of the mistake.

Improve Your Credit Score

Another way to improve your chances of securing a Lexus lease is to improve your credit score. This includes making on-time payments and keeping your credit card usage down. This way, you’ll make it easier for financial institutions to accept your car lease application.

Reduce Your Debt

Debt can seriously impact your financial standing and prevent you from securing a vehicle lease. Make sure that you pay down as much debt as possible before applying for a Lexus lease.

Stay Flexible

Just because you are rejected for a lease does not mean all avenues are closed. A new or pre-owned Lexus car loan may also be an intelligent choice. Keep your mind and your options open.

Bring In a Co-Signer

If you want to improve your chances of securing a Lexus lease, a co-signer might help. They’ll assume responsibility for the loan if you can’t pay, so it’s vital not to take on a larger loan or lease than you can comfortably afford.

Apply for a Lexus Lease in Van Nuys, CA

Our dealership is standing by if you’re ready to re-apply for a Lexus lease. Contact Keyes Lexus today to explore leasing options or discuss other Lexus financing offers.