Routine maintenance is the best way to ensure your Lexus vehicle delivers the kind of dependability for which it’s known. That’s we our Lexus service department encourages regular checkups and service appointments. Among the most common and easiest accomplished is an oil change, but there are significant differences between where your Lexus vehicle’s oil is changed, and some compelling reasons to avoid quick lube shops.

1.      Lower Quality of Service

Unsurprisingly, a business built strictly on convenience comes with some cut corners. It may be a bit shocking to learn, however, that at many quick lube shops, there aren’t many requirements when they hire, like experience and certification. Only visiting a Lexus dealership guarantees Lexus-certified technicians work on your vehicle.

2.      Extra Charges

Quick lube shops operate on speed. But they also tend to require their mechanics to meet a specific minimum cost per car quota, so they are far more likely to charge you for things you don’t need, such as “topping off fluids” that don’t need it. All of this is to increase the cost you pay to meet their quota.

3.      Aftermarket Parts

Significant differences exist between parts made by Lexus and the thousands of aftermarket parts available elsewhere. Quick lube shops notoriously use the cheaper aftermarket versions, which don’t last as long and might not fit right. They also don’t use high-quality oil and other fluids that keep your engine running as it should.

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The best way to avoid cost overruns, inexperienced labor, and the potential for costly repairs is to visit Keyes Lexus in Van Nuys, CA, for an expert oil change. Our service staff is Lexus certified and uses genuine Lexus parts. We look forward to helping you!