Lexus cars are known for offering a generous roster of features, with more added with each passing year. So, as your local Lexus dealer, we wanted to make this process as accessible and friendly as possible. Here’s what we wish you knew about buying a car.

Buying vs. Leasing

Deciding which Lexus model you want is only your first step. Your next major decision is whether to finance or lease it. A Lexus lease offers low monthly payments and the flexibility to upgrade frequently but restricts your mileage and the amount of wear and tear you can incur. On the other hand, ownership builds equity and has no restrictions on where, how, or how far you drive.

Packages vs. Trims

Most models of Lexus come in several trims. They also offer different packages. Knowing the difference can make choosing your perfect ride a lot easier. Trims are variations of a specific model. These can include various engines, trims, and equipment. Packages add another layer of customization. These often include things like performance parts, sports package parts, and safety features.

Lexus Maintenance

Lexus cars hold their value better than the competition due to a reputation for reliability. However, this comes with a catch: your car can’t maintain itself. We encourage you to make and stick to a maintenance schedule so your vehicle performs as it should for years to come.

Test-Drive a New Lexus Vehicle in Van Nuys, CA

We dedicate ourselves to making the car-buying process as seamless and pleasant as possible. That’s why we encourage you to come down to Keyes Lexus in Van Nuys, CA, to test drive a new Lexus and pepper us with questions until you find the perfect new car. We look forward to helping you do just that!