The next time you’re shopping for a Lexus car in LA, head straight to the Keyes Lexus website or Lexus dealership. Our approachable and knowledgeable Lexus dealers will be eager to help you with the details of your purchase, including assisting with a straightforward vehicle trade-in.

Preparing for Your Trade-in

Vehicle trade-ins can be a wonderful way to realize the dream of owning a luxury Lexus vehicle. If you feel your current car is in good condition to trade-in, there are just a few steps to take to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

First, make sure you’ve cleaned out your vehicle and removed all personal items. Take care to remove important documentation such as the owner’s manual and set that aside. Bring this documentation along with the vehicle title, maintenance history, or other vehicle-related paperwork to our Lexus dealership for the trade-in discussion. These documents could supply helpful information for the appraisal and the prospective buyer.

As far as receiving a fair value for your vehicle, you can trust that you’ll get that from our experienced appraisers. We’re transparent and provide all of our customers with the most current and fair trade-in value for their vehicles. If you’d like to feel better prepared for this discussion, use our own or other vehicle appraisal tools so that you’re not surprised.  

The best part of the trade-in process is receiving a fair trade-in value and applying that toward a new Lexus vehicle you’ve been eyeing. If you’re still weighing options, consider the Lexus ES 350, a high-end and comfortable sedan with impressive handling power, or a capable Lexus RX SUV that’s loaded with advanced technology and extra storage space.

When you’re ready to make your next vehicle purchase with a trade-in, our Lexus finance center team is here to answer any questions ahead of time or during the process.