At Keyes Lexus, we stock an exceptional selection of Lexus vehicles for our customers. Once you select a model you love, our Lexus parts and service experts will help you maintain it with genuine Lexus parts.

What are OEM Parts? 

OEM parts stand for original equipment manufacturer parts. They’re distinct because they’re made by the vehicle manufacturer, which means the parts are suited specifically to your Lexus model. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are made by a third party. These generic parts tend to be more cost-effective and also include accessories as well. Both types can be used for upgrades or repairs.

Why Choose OEM Parts for Your Lexus RX 350?

While both aftermarket and OEM parts can be used for parts and accessory upgrades and replacements, there is some risk when choosing an aftermarket part. They do tend to be less expensive, which could be a benefit. But the quality and fit aren’t necessarily guaranteed, which could mean shelling out more money for another repair or replacement sooner than anticipated or desired.

Choosing OEM parts for your Lexus RX 350 eliminates the worry over integrity and compatibility. Along with providing all of the routine services you need for your vehicle, our technicians will also only recommend and use genuine Lexus replacement parts. Whether it’s a new belt, filter, or brakes component, you can trust our Lexus dealership to use only the very best for your Lexus RX 350. 

When you schedule your next Lexus service appointment near Beverly Hills, CA, feel confident that you’re protecting your investment and the high quality of your Lexus vehicle. Stop in soon for a routine oil change or to discuss a Lexus part or accessory upgrade that best suits your driving lifestyle.