The Lexus brand launched in 1989 with the Lexus LS. Nearly thirty years later, both the company and its flagship sedan have seen plenty of changes, but both have also evolved and remained relevant to their times. As the Lexus LS enters its next generation, Keyes Lexus examines what the company has learned and how that’s reflected in their longest-serving model. 

One thing that’s particularly telling: the redesigned Lexus LS hasn’t even arrived at Lexus dealerships around Los Angeles, yet it’s already winning awards. The first of these came with its very first public appearance in January of this year, when its re-styled interior took home the 2017 EyesOn Design Award for Interior Design Excellence.

Even a casual glance reveals why the car won the award. There’s a language that we expect car interiors to follow, and it’s not as though the Lexus LS departs from the script. All the familiar elements are there, each more or less in the places we’d expect them.

But if the language is the same, there’s something in the dialect — think of it as a difference in tone or inflection, if you’d like — that’s fresh and unexpected. Every detail, each angle, every degree of curvature, and even where shadows fall, have all been carefully considered. Elements echo and act in counterpoint to one another, as you’ll see when you look at the way the lines of the climate control vents continue across the dash, tapering gracefully the way the neck of a cello might.

The technology even takes ergonomics to a new level, with everything in its right place, gorgeously proportioned and perfectly functional. Car exteriors get a lot of attention; after all, it’s what most people will see of your car. But new Lexus cars are equally concerned with the experience behind the wheel, and turns the Lexus LS interior into something that’s equal parts symphony hall and Zen garden.

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