The 2018 Lexus LC is everywhere in the press lately. While we’re happy to see the coverage, as a Lexus dealership, we’re all too aware that there are plenty of other great new Lexus models in the pipeline. One that hasn’t been getting as much attention as it should is the upcoming 2018 Lexus ES

The 2018 Lexus ES has been spotted in testing, sporting aggressive new styling. By itself, that’s not surprising. Nor is it exactly a shock that this will be the next Lexus car to inherit the Lexus L/GA architecture that underpins the upcoming Lexus LS and Lexus UX models.

Here’s the surprise: the new design is sparking some speculation about another part of the Lexus model lineup, specifically the Lexus GS. With sales of the Lexus GS — as with many other mid-sized sedans — sagging against increased SUV sales, Lexus may be looking to trim the lineup to concentrate more on bigger sellers and crossovers.

The more compact Lexus ES uses its longer wheelbase to offer a spacious cabin that rivals anything else in its class. More to the point, however, it’s also one of the most popular Lexus models, second only to the Lexus RX crossover. As it enters its next generation in 2018, this sedan could be preparing for an outsized role. We think it’s ready.

The formal debut of the 2018 Lexus ES could take place at nearly any time, especially with auto show season picking back up. If we had to guess (and right now, we have to; there’s no official word yet), the car will likely show up at either the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show or at the first major show of 2018, the NAIAS in Detroit.

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