Here at Keyes Lexus, we know that our customers expect to find the latest technology in our vehicles. When you get behind the wheel of a 2018 Lexus car, you know that you’ll find innovative features that you can rely on. The next big frontier for the auto industry is self-driving technology, and it looks like the Lexus brand is doing everything it can to stay ahead of the curve. It could equip cars with level four autonomous tech in the next few years.

Some of you may need a primer on self-driving technology. It’s not as simple as some cars having no autonomous capabilities and some cars having the ability to take care of every driving task. Level one autonomous technology, for example, involves teamwork between the driver and the vehicle. Adaptive Cruise Control is a good example of a level one autonomous feature. The car handles the speed, but the driver needs to focus on steering and can’t just take their eyes off of the road.

Level four autonomous tech, on the other hand, won’t require human control in most situations. Lexus vehicles will be equipped with sensors and other features that can monitor the road around it. A vehicle with this technology would be able to see lane markers and automatically stay in its lane, even around turns.

This tech will be tested out in Japan first before bringing it to the United States, where more diverse driving conditions could be more likely to pose issues. Eventually, a Lexus vehicle would be able to basically drive itself while offering features like lane change assist. We can’t wait to see how our favorite cars pioneer this new technology!

If you’re shopping for a luxury car that offers incredible technology, visit our Lexus dealership near Glendale today. We’ll make it easy to find a sedan or crossover that suits your budget and driving needs. We hope to see you soon for a test drive!