Once you’ve bought a new luxury car from our Lexus dealership in Van Nuys, we know that you’ll want to keep it in top shape. At Keyes Lexus, we can help you by answering any questions you may have about your vehicle. One topic we’re often asked about is premium gasoline. Is it worth it? Does your vehicle need it? Here are a few things that you should know.

The big difference between regular gasoline and premium gasoline is the octane level. Have you seen those numbers above each fuel pump when you go to the gas station? This is the octane level. Typically, gasoline with an octane level of 91 or higher is considered premium.

Higher octane gasoline can cut down on “engine knock.” This is when engine combustion doesn’t happen at the right time. Engine knock can eventually start shortening the life of your engine if your car requires premium gasoline and you’re not using it.

So how do you know if your Lexus SUV needs premium gas then? Check your owner’s manual. Some vehicles will say that a vehicle needs premium gasoline, while others will recommend it. When a car recommends the usage of premium gasoline, higher octane gas could deliver better performance and fuel efficiency. Some vehicles produce more horsepower and more torque when filled up with premium gasoline. If your car just recommends premium gas and doesn’t require it, it’s up to you whether spending a little bit of extra money at the pump is worth it.

So if you’re looking for experts on your Lexus vehicle, our Lexus dealership near Los Angeles should be your first stop. Our knowledgeable Lexus dealers can help you with any of your questions. We look forward to assisting you!