We are often asked about the model names of new Lexus vehicles. These aren’t just random letters used to differentiate between the different models. They have real meaning behind them. So, we decided to put together this guide to share those meanings.

Lexus LS

This is the most popular model. So, it’s fitting its name captures the true essence of its character. The LS stands for Luxury Sedan. Starting back in 1989 through today, it is the definitive luxury sedan on the market.

Lexus ES

This one gets its name from the same line of thought as the LS. The “E” stands for executive, referring to its smaller size, yet commanding presence. That makes this the Executive Sedan.

Lexus IS

Here, the naming conventions throw us a slight curveball. The “S” has nothing to do with the sedan body style (it’s a coupe, after all), instead standing for Intelligent Sports. This sporty model is ideal for younger customers.

Lexus LC

For the coupes, Lexus returns to its original naming convention. LC stands for Luxury Coupe. This is the only straightforward thing about this sporty ride, which excels when it’s hugging the curves.

Lexus RC

Since this hybrid breaks the mold of what a hybrid can do, its name reflects that. RC stands for Radical Coupe. The RC-F version references Fuji Speedway, where it is tested.

Lexus UX

Moving on to crossovers and SUVs, the Lexus UX stands for Urban Crossover. It is perfect for city jaunts and long trips alike.

Lexus LX

This stands for Luxury Crossover, which is fitting since it originated the segment!

Lexus GX

GX stands for Grand Crossover, as befits its larger size inside and out.

Lexus NX

This is another vehicle named for its size and handling. NX stands for Nimble Crossover.

Lexus RX and Lexus RZ

The “R” in both models signifies “Radiant.” The X, as you’ve gathered, lets us know the Lexus RX is a crossover, while the latter model’s “Z” is a nod to its zero emissions.

Test-Drive a Lexus Model

What’s in a name? Regardless of the vehicle, if it wears the Lexus badge you know it stands for luxury, reliability, and an experience with few peers. Visit our Van Nuys Lexus dealership for a test drive.