According to recent data from Google, interest in greener cars continues to rise among drivers. People are looking for info about electric cars, hybrids, and charging stations. Are you one of them? Then you may want to visit our Lexus dealership serving Los Angeles!

What Drivers are Searching For

More drivers are looking for BEV, or battery electric vehicles, online. Many of these searches originate from California and other states with many charging stations installed.

Drivers want more green car options, better efficiency, and fewer emissions, but they’re also concerned about a vehicle running out of battery. The installation of more charging stations along popular routes could encourage even more drivers to seek out info about electric vehicles.

New Electric Vehicle Launches

Interest should also continue to rise because more and more green vehicles are making their way to the market. In the next four years, it’s expected that automakers will introduce around 300 new or refreshed vehicles. Of those, more than a quarter will use electric power in some way.

Some might be hybrids. Some may be plug-in hybrid models, like our 2021 Lexus NX 300h. These use electric power and gasoline together to deliver incredible fuel economy numbers, and they can be recharged by being plugged into a wall or charging station.

Some of our other models, like the 2021 Lexus ES and the 2021 Lexus UX, are also available in plug-in hybrid versions.

Then there are all-electric vehicles, which don’t require an ounce of gasoline. We look forward to seeing more green Lexus cars in the future.

The experts here at Keyes Lexus can help you find the type of green luxury vehicle that you’re looking for. Visit today and learn more about our current hybrid lineup and future cars from the Lexus brand!