All of the Lexus parts in your luxury car have an important job to do, and that includes the air filters. You may not think too much about this particular part, but it’s important to your air filters with new ones once they are unable to perform their tasks.

Fortunately, the service professionals here at Keyes Lexus can easily replace your filters when you need new ones. Let’s take a closer look at the types of air filters you’ll need.

Cabin Air Filter

This helps protect the occupants of the car. There’s a lot of dirt on the road and plenty of particles outside that you don’t need inside of your vehicle. A good cabin air filter keeps out anything gross, including allergens that could be incredibly irritating for drivers and passengers alike.

Your cabin air filter also keeps out exhaust fumes. It even helps keep out bugs! If you weren’t already motivated to replace that old filter, the sudden appearance of bugs inside your car would certainly do the trick.

Engine Air Filter

The engine air filter functions in a similar way, but for your engine. Your engine is made up of many delicate parts, working together in a hot environment where there’s plenty of friction. These parts need to be protected from outside contaminants that could cause damage. Keep the dirt, dust, and other particles away from your engine by replacing the engine air filter when needed.

If you’re in need of new air filters, don’t put off your trip to the mechanic. Visit our Lexus service center in Van Nuys, CA and talk to our mechanics today. We’ll make sure that you have the new parts you need to keep your luxury car running smoothly!