There’s no doubt that you can’t get better than a Lexus hybrid for luxury and fuel efficiency. From the 2023 UX Hybrid to the LS Hybrid, there’s no shortage of style and comfort. Of course, buying a hybrid Lexus is only the first step. Knowing how to maximize your gas mileage can take you to the next level.

Drive Mode Select

The quickest and easiest way to extend your gas mileage is to make good use of the four drive modes found in the Lexus hybrid models. Besides Normal Mode, which is as straightforward as it sounds, there are three other options.

  • EV Mode — When driving around town or at speeds below 25 miles per hour, this mode is automatically selected. But it can be manually opted for in most models. It offers an electric-only experience and produces minimal noise and zero CO2 emissions.
  • ECO Mode — This is for a similar experience at higher speeds. Reduced pedal input, throttle response, and AC temperature control significantly increase fuel efficiency.
  • Sport Mode — While not the most fuel-efficient mode, Sport still utilizes the battery to give you every bit of performance and power you want, still extending gas mileage over traditional engine models.

Lexus App

To truly extend fuel economy in your Lexus hybrid, consider using the Lexus App with Lexus Enform Remote®. Here you can keep tabs on essentials like fuel consumption, maintenance intervals, and time to your next fill-up, and even lock, unlock, and start your vehicle remotely, all from your smartphone.

Best Way to Extend Your Mileage

No matter what your commute or daily drive looks like, keeping an eye on which mode your Lexus is set to operate and how much extra response you need from your petrol engine is the best way to maximize your fuel economy and extend your gas mileage. For more tips or a luxury hybrid sure to impress, visit our Lexus dealership near Los Angeles today.