Last week in this space, we examined Lexus L-Finesse and how it informs every aspect of how Lexus and your local Van Nuys, CA Lexus dealership do business. There’s another Lexus branded initiative called Lexus L/Certified that also deserves a closer look. While any dealership can sell used cars, and several sell Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, Lexus L/Certified underscores how carefully Lexus thinks through each aspect of its business, from design to build to sales and service.

First, the short version: Lexus L/Certified is a re-brand of the Certified┬áPre-Owned Lexus segment. As with L-Finesse, this was no accident. They wanted something that would reflect the entire philosophy of the Lexus brand, but also the ways in which that philosophy translates into day-to-day reality. Therefore, the new name would have to reflect the company’s commitment to reliability and initial quality. It should also reinforce the significant monetary and intellectual capital invested in dealerships like Keyes Lexus and overall customer experience. Finally, it should underscore that the value behind a Certified Pre-Owned Lexus is far beyond monetary.

Early indications are that the strategy is a sensible one. Brand loyalty — a Lexus owner upgrading their existing car┬áto another model — is a significant driver of pre-owned sales. That loyalty is rewarded by generous trade-in allowances. The other “engine” of L/Certified growth is a deluge of Lexus cars and SUVs coming off lease. Tens of thousands per year have re-entered the market in recent years, and Lexus anticipates up to 100,000 vehicles more per year in the years ahead.

Each Lexus L/Certified vehicle has been inspected and certified to perform to the highest standards. That ensures that each vehicle delivers not only luxury, but also the quality and reliability that you expect and deserve from Lexus. We encourage you to learn more by calling (888) 499-1833 or visiting Keyes Lexus at 5905 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA. If a new Lexus has seemed beyond your reach, buying an L/Certified Lexus can make it easier than ever before to own the vehicle of your dreams.