Over time, many brands become known for certain design features. Those unique bits and bobs — from the swoosh on your sneakers to the watch pocket on your favorite jeans — are so distinctive that we recognize them as synonymous with one brand or another. Those features aren’t accidental; they’re often introduced after lots of thought and development, since every brand wants something that sums them up quickly and easily at a glance. In a nutshell, that’s Lexus L-Finesse, visible everywhere at Keyes Lexus.

The Lexus brand identity is instantly recognizable from their “L” logo. But there are other features, some visible and others less so, that are just as important. There are intangibles like vehicle reliability and style, and things like premium leather that you can see and feel when you climb behind the wheel. Beyond that, each line, crease and curve of a Lexus RX 350 should communicate the essence of the brand even if the logo isn’t immediately visible.

L-Finesse was first exemplified in the 2009 LF-Ch concept vehicle. As Lexus defines it, L-Finesse is defined by leading-edge design and finesse. It can be further broken down to Seamless Anticipation, Incisive Simplicity, and Intriguing Elegance. The anticipation comes from a vehicle that’s designed with your every need in mind; simplicity strips away everything that’s unnecessary, leaving only the essence of beauty; and elegance is using an economic language of line and form that communicates depth and mystery.

L-Finesse, in other words, isn’t just a spindle grille or a hood ornament. It’s an entire stylistic syntax that defines every inch of a new Lexus vehicle from bumper to bumper. It’s apparent in the simple beauty of the Lexus IS 350, or the striking profile of the Lexus RC. It’s the philosophy that informs every Lexus vehicle, and one reason we’re so proud to be your Glendale, CA area Lexus dealer. Visit Keyes Lexus today at 5905 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA.