Much of the press surrounding Lexus at the 2016 Paris Motor Show concerned the Lexus UX crossover concept, which Keyes Lexus recently covered in this space. That was for good reason. After all, it looks little like anything else in the lineup, and it was stuffed with innovative technology. Another Lexus offering apparently took a bit longer for critics to process, since it’s only now getting attention: the Lexus Kinetic Seat Concept.

It’s not often that a seat gets this much attention. Engines? Sure. A new infotainment system? Why not. A new Lexus SUV? Absolutely! But a seat? Believe it or not, that simple piece of hardware is something Van Nuys Lexus fans should pay attention to.

Previewing a single component like this is rare, but when it happens, it’s worth taking notice. What a carmaker highlights tells you a lot about where they’re headed, and where their priorities lie. With its high back, its webbed surfaces made of synthetic spider silk, and independent suspension that adapts to a driver or passenger’s weight, position, and vehicle movement, this seat is intended to revolutionize the way we sit in our cars.

Put that way, it might sound a little silly. Then you take a long car ride, and you notice your legs, hips and back starting to get a bit stiff. All of a sudden, the Lexus Kinetic Seat Concept sounds pretty good. It tells us something else important, too: you don’t build a great new Lexus car all at once. It’s the coming together of thousands of parts and assemblies, each engineered to high tolerances. That’s impressive by itself, but it’s even more meaningful when a company decides to innovate on the things we’ve come to take for granted.

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