When you’re looking for genuine Lexus parts, Keyes Lexus should be your first stop. We can help you when you need new replacement components, and we can tell you anything you want to know about the part and what it does. One part of your car that doesn’t get much attention is the muffler, but this component has an important job to do.

What is a Muffler?

A muffler has the critical job of, well, “muffling” the noises that are created by your vehicle. An engine is loud. It has a bunch of moving parts and has to create a lot of power. Without a muffler, all of this noise would be quite annoying for you and everyone around you.

The muffler does this by reflecting the sound waves created by the engine. Inside the muffler are a bunch of tubes and chambers that reflect those waves in a way that helps them cancel each other out. Oddly enough, the muffler fights loud noise with loud noise and somehow makes your car quieter!

When do I Need a New Muffler?

Mufflers, like many of the other parts in your vehicle, wear out over time. It’s exposed to moisture and high temperatures every day, which means that it’s going to break down and rust. You can also easily damage your muffler by hitting something.

Fortunately, your car does a good job of telling you when it needs a new muffler. The most obvious sign is that your car will become noisier. You might also notice that your car isn’t as fuel-efficient as it was before. Finally, a bad smell is often a sign of car trouble, and it can also be an indicator that you need a new muffler.

If you suspect that your muffler needs replacing, visit our Lexus service center near Glendale. Our skilled mechanics have the official parts that you’re looking for, and we’ll have you back out on the road in no time.