We know just how important proper maintenance is here at Keyes Lexus, and one of our areas of expertise is brake service. We can make sure that your entire braking system is in top shape, and if you need new Lexus parts, we have the genuine replacements that you require.

Your Braking System

Your “brakes” are not just one part of your vehicle. This is an entire system of components that have to work together to bring your vehicle to a stop. There’s the master brake cylinder, the brake lines that transport brake fluid, your brake pads, your rotors, and more. If any of these components are not in working order, your brakes may not respond when you need them to.

We probably don’t have to tell you why this is such a problem. If your brakes don’t respond, you might not be able to avoid an accident or collision. Brakes that are in bad shape put you in danger, which is why occasional trips to our mechanics are in order.

Signs of Brake Trouble

It’s also good to know potential signs of brake trouble. If you notice that the brake pedal feels different, like it’s “spongy,” that could be a sign of problems with one or more braking components. You may also hear strange noises when your brakes are applied. A grinding noise or metallic squeal is often a sign of trouble.

Of course, the brake warning light on your dashboard could also turn on. Some signs of brake trouble are more obvious than others!

So if you’re noticing issues with your brakes, we’re ready to assist you. Visit our Lexus dealership serving Glendale and talk to our expert mechanics today. We look forward to seeing you!